A bit about us - we are sisters Kate and Nickie, both passionate about helping women live calmer and healthier lives. 

Kate is an artist, creative business owner and single mother of one. Painting is her happy place, it is where she feels calm and content. Creating has helped her heal from some of the hardest years of her life. She maintains a daily gratitude and positive affirmations practice and when she adds in yoga and meditation it is a winning combination (and she wonders why she doesn’t do all four every single day!)

Nickie is a registered dietitian and yoga teacher. Nickie focuses on the importance of gut and digestive health and the intersection between food and mood. Movement, meditation and connecting with the breath play a huge role within both gut health and mental wellbeing which is the perfect synergy for helping women take control of their physical and mental health.

You can find more about us on social media @katehursthouse and @nourishwithnickie or head online to www.katehursthouse.com and www.nickiehursthouse.com 

We can’t wait to get started and help you find calm in everyday life.

Ngā mihi nui,

Kate & Nickie